The best disinfectant is sunshine. How much is performance worth?

I'm following something that Ben Turk does on his blog regarding Insurgent, and that's posting gross income/revenue of projects. Don't how frequently I'll continue doing this beyond Decaffeinated Tragedy, but then I'm not sure the frequency of future productions, so there.

I received $521 from the benefit performances at Moct on Friday and Saturday. $45 of that was t-shirt sales.

On Friday, people gave money or they didn't. But I knew practically everyone there. Thanks for packing the house, by the way. On Saturday, there were a number of people I didn't know, and Grace was asked no less than five times what the suggested donation was. Michelle told her to say there was NO suggested donation, pay what you want, what you can, whatever. Seriously.

The interesting thing about this for me was collecting the money and counting it later. There were several bundles of five one dollar bills. Obviously, a bunch of people dropped 20s and 10s and 5s (and some cool folks wrote me a nice check!), but there were all these $5 contributions, in denominations of one.

I'm not insulted by this, that's not why I'm bringing it up. I do think it's incredibly interesting that a number of people felt that $5 is a good price for performance.

I kind of like pay-what-you-can. Whatever the next show is, maybe it'll always be that way. Assuming I'm by myself, or working with other people who also don't intend to make money through performance.

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