Blague blahs, May 23

Embarrasingly, I saw nothing yesteday. When I first got here, I outlined a fairly ambitious program of all of the Fringe shows I could catch, knowing that while it might be a little unrealistic, I could at least know which shows were and were not available to me.

A note about jetlag, because that's the core issue. I am happily jetlag free, thanks to chemicals. Tylenol PM at night, caffeine during the day. Also, the sun is very bright above my bed, so I wake up at the latest at 6:45am. The latest was this morning. The problem now is that I'm not getting to sleep until 1am, whether because of the caffeine I drank to stay awake during the day, or because I'm wound up from the performance. All of which to say, it's making me a bit of a loser at the moment.

I spent all afternoon yesterday making cheesecakes. I've got the show tonight, but this afternoon is the Fringe Sunday Showcase, at which I'm passing out lots and lots of cheesecakes. It's the best marketing plan I could come up with. I didn't want to fall asleep during a performance, so I didn't go to any. I got a coffee, a sandwich, and bought some decaf ground for me for the performance. But by then, too late. Up until 1 again. No coffee so far today, looking forward to a nap.

The show went a lot better last night, even though I went up on my lines again. On the plus side, it didn't happen at the telephone. I knew what was supposed to happen then. On the minus side, it happened at the OTHER place I always forget, the pregnancy bit. The irony of this only strikes me mid-performance, of course, when I realize where I am. What did Michelle say, again? Sheesh.

House count 22. I got a "whoo." So that was cool.

Trying to nap now, see more shows today.

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