Day 3, part I of III, Fringe Sunday

Again, breaking this by event so's to finesse skipping chunks.

Fringe Sunday is the first of its kind this year. It's a showcase of various performances, 5 minutes or so, from about half of the 34 participating companies this year. In years past, the showcase has kicked off the festival, this year it's happening on day 3. I'm not sure the rationale (or the logistical imperatives) behind the change. I elected not to perform - the impression I had from early correspondence was that people would be milling around during performances and that it could be loud. I didn't want to fight for attention during this, plus DECAF doesn't really lend itself to excerpted highlights. So I offered to show up with cheesecakes.

Turns out it wasn't much of a cocktail party atmosphere - it was a sit-down audience watching excerpt after excerpt. Not really conducive to passing out cheesecakes. And the bulk of the audience turned out to be other Fringe performers waiting their turn to do their bit. As one of the Dutch guys put it, "I thought this was going to be advertising, but it seems more like making us part of the whole fringe family." There are plusses to this - it was great to see bits and pieces of the other shows, but most of us are probably going to go and see each other's projects already.

Could be that Fringe Sunday happened on Day 3 because the weekend's over, and the organizers (the capable and helpful Steve, Carol, Giles, and Alberto are the ones I've met) are hoping to boost things going into the week. Unfortunately, even last night an attendance drop was pretty steep.

Don and I were supposed to connect to see CROSSED WIRES http://www.iristheatreco.org/), which he did end up seeing with Steffen Silvis, the about-to-leave drama critic for the Prague Post, but we didn't connect and I missed it. They're performing in A Studio RubĂ­n, which is a great little underground hole. I loved going here in 2001, there was a (now gone) very fun, very young company that performed out of the space. It only seats about 30-35, and CW was a full house.

I connected with Don and Steffen for the next show, THIS STILL NIGHT, more in the next post.

Incidentally, here's the website for info on THE PEN AND THE SWORD, if you're interested in more about them: http://www.blacksnow.info/

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