Day 3, part III of III - Decaf

And the audience drop off continues. As I'm getting prepped, a very nice young volunteer pokes her head in the dressing room to let me know - it's about 15 minutes from going up - that there's only 2 tickets sold. Do I still want to perform? If they've paid, I'll do the show. Okay, thanks!


When I finally start, there's more than 2, so that's good, and they all sat at the front, which is better. Still VERY small. I go up again on my lines. Psych! I was wrong. I did the whole thing text-correct, top to bottom. I just thought I screwed up. That's a thought process I hadn't expected.

Best show yet. Smallest house, count is 8.

I gather we can look forward to similar house sizes between now and the weekend, when it should pick up again.

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