Day 4, part I of III – Dr. Brown Behaves

Or Dr. Brown in “Behaves.” That part wasn’t clear – but since it was supposed to be surreal comedy, maybe that was the point. Honestly, a bit hard to tell. Dr. Brown Inc. is two guys, the first is presumably Dr. Brown, the second is his “technician” Brian, who also takes pictures, does improvisational comedy, and occasionally horns in on the action.

There was no plot, there wasn’t even any real action. These two are very, very good at playing not very good performers. They’ve given themselves all kinds of tics, verbal and physical. Their characters clearly like being in front of an audience, but the schtick is that they really don’t know what to do, so they just go through the motions. It’s a comedy of awkwardness, but it’s never mean at all.

Basically, it just wanders around. It’s very episodic, one bit doesn’t connect to another. The upside of this is that it allows them to fill as much or as little time as they want. The down side is that the performance is directionless. They ran the full 60 minutes, but it would’ve been great had they stopped at 40.

The performance space was at Kavárna 3+1, just a few minutes walk from Divadlo na Pradle, which is more or less Fringe Central – it’s the main box office, at any rate. They’re in a tiny room in the back, into which nearly 20 of us crammed ourselves. Super hot.

Seems kind of like they’ve found a good schtick for themselves, but also that they’re better performers than their material. No knowing if they’re wasting their talent, or if this is a good investment of resources – low budget, low impact, easy to produce performance that they can milk at a couple of Fringes. Might be the smartest guys here, when it comes to that.

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