Day 4, part II of III – Decaf

A very, very weird performance tonight. Steve, who’s the director of the Fringe, came to see the show tonight at his mother’s urging (she saw it on Saturday, and flies to Prague from Scotland to help out with the running of Prague Fringe every year). There was a table at the back with about 8 maybe Filipino 20-somethings (it was dark and lights were mostly in my eyes – American accents?). Mostly ones and twos scattered beyond that. The Filipino kids were super lively, verging on inappropriately so, and that created a bit of an odd atmosphere. Afterwards at Divadlo Inspirace (next post), Steve told me that he’s barely seen anyone who looks like them in Prague ever, and all of a sudden here’s 8 of them at a table. The same thing happened last year, only the ethnicity was Pakistani. Odd. Anyway, to counter their rather aggressive energy were two young women sitting at a table in the front, one of whom was visibly crying (thankfully not audibly or anything dramatic) by the end. That alone kind of throws me, but coupled with the group in the back, I really didn’t know what to do or what to make of it.

No “whoos” tonight, but lots of applause – had to bow 3 times before they’d let me say “thank you, now go see more Fringey stuff.” So. Great response. Now, my habit has become that I leave the stage so that they can move about, and I go back to the dressing room where I wonder every night why I haven’t brought a bottle of water because I’m so freaking thirsty. Let a couple of minutes pass, head back out to the kavarna to pack up. For the first time, there was a LONG line at the women’s restroom, and there are the two women from the front and all of the women from the back, and it felt to me like we all felt kind of awkward around on another. So I smiled and left to do my pack and that was that.

And it all felt very, very weird.

House count 15.

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