Day 6, part II of IV - Mo(ve)ment

I'd intended to see a show called HATFUL OF HOLLOW, but one of the actresses was in hospital yesterday. "but it's not serious." wtf?

okay, so what else is showing at 6pm...

conveniently, right in na Prádle in the theater proper is a multimedia painting-dance piece out of Denmark, Mo(ve)ment. Here's the website, with a short slide show showing images of the show in progress: http://www.bno-productions.nl/

This was disappointing. It's not that it was bad, it just wasn't good. It seemed to me that they had the idea to have the painter's work be captured by cameras and projected live against a screen, in front of which the dancer would perform. There's a lot of possibility there. Dramaturgically, they gave it a bit of shape - he (live and shadow) jockeys and plays with her paint brush and her pigments. But there wasn't much in the way of discovery of each other, of the discovery of the rules that have to live by. And it's clear that they gave themselves rules to live by. Even within that, they didn't really do very much that Bugs Bunny didn't do in the 70's. So - a letdown.

There's an irony that shows that are more ambitious suffer more - you want to applaud risk-taking, going outside of the mainstream, not doing just another scripted performance. More people should be doing that. But ambition results in a raised bar - if this is new stuff, it needs to be worked out better, more fully fleshed. Bummer, in this case.

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