Day 6, part III of IV, Decaf

Okay, so I did a couple of things after the show last night. First of all, when I was picking up my dishes, I didn't notice that 4 of my spoons weren't returned until I was washing up dishes in the back. Crap. Can't exactly go the kavárna staff and say "give me spoons!" But I was planning on buying more anyway, so, note to self: go to Tesco, buy more spoons. Also, I'm running low on AfriCafé, my best instant in the world. I brought extra, so I took the tin home to re-fill it. You can see where this is going.

Left D&F's in plenty of time yesterday, dropped off my excess of stuff at the theater, thought about lunch, remembered the spoons. Off to Tesco, which is just two tram stops away. No problem. Bit of street pizza to fortify me until lunch, which happened as soon as I got to Divadlo Inspirace for Backward Glance, and I catch a couple of shows. Good good good.

It's HOT - topped 30 degrees (the 80s, people, it's in the 80s) and SUNNY. And HUMID. And like any big city in that kind of weather, things get a little smelly. Mo(ve)ment ends at 7pm, I go up at 8:45, and Red Peter goes up at 7:15 - better start my preset now, get the water in the kettle, etc etc. Uh, where's my instant... crap. S'okay, I've got 105 minutes, I should be able to do this in 60. 'Course I'm running through worst case scenarios - what if the metro breaks, etc etc, but that doesn't happen and just as I get up to the door of the 5 story walk-up where D&F live, there's Don saying, "just got your text - can I help?" Good egg, that Don. He washes my new spoons, I change shirt for the second time that day, grab the instant, quick re-fill it, buzz out the door grabbing a borrowed umbrella. Storm front is moving in - today we're at 11 degrees (mid 50s). Big drop. But better, probably, for people to come and see theater.

Anyway, back to the chaos.

Metro back to Malostranská, get out to the tram stop. Hey, there's the 22 just up the street. Timing couldn't be better. Wait. Why isn't the tram moving? Okay, so the metro worked, but the tram didn't. Nice. Fortunately, I'm only three stops away, and I make the hike and get to the theater thinking, well, this should do wonders for my energy for the show. Finish preset just as Red Peter has ended. Go over lines. Read about Sotomayor. Go over lines. Show time.

Steffen Silvis is in the audience tonight. Great.

Trick question: what's the difference between a quietly attentive audience and a dead house?

Right. Hard show. Wasn't sure how to play it, had nothing to react to - and it's more like a performed conversation (stylistically, at least, since I mostly don't ask for anyone's opinions), so feedback is sort of important. But, I figure, just let the show be the show. Of course I'm figuring this while I'm performing. Maybe that's why I dropped lines. Didn't go up, though, just dropped lines. I think it went fine, in the end.

Not great, not nearly as good as Monday, but okay.

House count: 11.

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