Day late, koruna short

I ended up working on revising my text until nearly 2pm yesterday. Couldn't nap, so got back to work dealing with memorizing the revisions. Around 4pm started putting my new trunk together, figuring out the new pack, doing something approximating a rehearsal in the living room. Don came back close to 7pm, by which point I was nearly done with my rehearsal, so I turned to cheesecake making. On that front, I'm at least prepared for today prop-wise. Frantisek got home close to 8, dinner all around, and then the three of us loaded the trunk into F's car and he drove me to the theater to drop it off.

It's a wee bit heavy. Which will work with the new entrance, and with a couple of selective changes in lines at the top. The kavárna was open last night, and the "stage" was set up, bigger than I reported the other day now, and 20cm tall. Lots of people all around. The dressing room - my storage - was locked, but fortunately a red-rimmed young tech opened it up. Is that dope I smell? Nice to meet you.

While we were gone, Don was going over my variant text. It's going to need more work. I'm only conversationally fluent - I've never been a good writer. More memorizing before Sunday.

So D&F come through in spades.

Tech is slated for 9am-1pm today, though I've been warned that the kavárna tends to open a little late every day. After my pre-set and figuring out where everything is (i.e. water, mainly), that probably means I start at 10 or so. Do a run or two, come back via the Tesco so that I can buy more groceries (eggs and cream cheese), shower, then back to see the first couple of shows before mine. Research. And professional courtesy.

Trying to psychologically prepare for small to insignificant houses.

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