May 22, part II, Red Peter

Another not-typical Fringe show, from what I hear. Here's the company website, the MOVIE link apparently has a promo trailer of the piece if you want to check it out.


This is an adaptation of a Kafka short story, "Report to the Academy," about a monkey, Red Peter, who has essentially become human. It's a very quiet, very philosophical performance, with some outstanding physical acting - one-man show, incidentally.

They also perform in the kavárna. I almost blew The Pen and the Sword before I realized it wasn't in the kavárna, but the theater. This was my performance space as well. Funny thing neither Gordon (this actor) or I had considered - you can smoke in coffeeshops and bars here. Mostly no one smoked during mine, but that's fine because they smoked enough during Red Peter for both shows. Holy crap.

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