May 22, part III, premiere

Unsurprisingly, I was fairly wound up about this again - not quite the same stomach ache as last Friday, but very present. And nervy particulary given how futzy my tech was yesterday afternoon. I spent a lot of time going over notes in the afternoon and feeling generally out of sorts.

One of the "picks for the Fringe" is a performance called Hansel and Gretel, The End of the Fairy Tale." It sounds a lot like Decaf in many ways, using the fairy tale as a vehicle for a one-person show to mull over her family history. I'll never know for sure because she performs opposite me and is only here for the first three days of the Fringe. By the time I switch to late afternoon performances, she'll be gone. Anyway, she's Israeli, and she and her colleague/partner/friend/whoever were talking in the dressing room. Since we go up within 15 minutes of each other, we share the space. I'm assuming that whatever she was speaking was Hebrew, which I've never heard before. Couldn't wrap my head around it for a while. Too busy freaking out quietly in the corner with my script.

Don, František, their friend Milan, and Leah all made the show - nice to have some familiar faces. They accepted cheesecake, but their beers pretty much obviated any coffee.

The show itself went fine. I would like to say "without a hitch," but that's not true. About halfway through, I completely lost my place. No idea where I was. So I jumped, very clearly, to the section about coffee. That's a nice and precise break. I was about halfway through "acidity" when I realized I'd forgotten the telephone card. The first thing I thought was to wonder whether or not I needed it, or could I go on. Then I thought, no I should put it in, I need to look at the telephone at the end. Then I thought, where do I put it in? I know, I'll add it after I finish Flavor. Okay, what comes after Flavor? I have to know so that I don't lose my place again. Okay, got it, I can do this.

It was at this point only that I remembered Michelle telling me, you always forget two places. If you go up, just jump to the telephone.


My apologies to my director.

There is No Way I could have kept spouting lines and had a completely separate thought process going on had I not been teaching for the past 5 years. Students seem to think they blend into a mass. But, I have to say, 5 years of inattention has prepared me relatively well for choking during a performance. So, to all those slackers: many thanks!

Both Don and Leah had some good feedback - from where I perform, there's a staircase up to the upper area where the bar is. I kept up a decent patter during the coffee serving, but the show REALLY dragged with the cheesecake. I'll have to do some work on this. Also, I just didn't have good energy for the first chunk of the performance. This will sound familiar to Michelle. Leah said, "At a certain point it just took off." "About 15 minutes in?" "Yeah." Hmm. I think I've had that note before.

Encounters after the show. One guy liked my pre-show music and wanted to know who I'd selected. Hilarious. Of course I could barely remember at that point. He got very excited when I said "band" but heard "Ben Folds." Nope, sorry, he's not in the line-up. Had a brief conversation with a very nice woman from the Dutch Fringe that I'm hoping to follow up on, and in a grand turn of bizarre-ity, a guy from Carroll University in Waukesha, Giovan (?) introduced himself to me. That was weird. Nice guy. Only in Prague.

The single best part of the evening, before the show the kavárna staff agreed to let me wash my dishes in the back. I packed my gear up, took the dirty dishes back, left them for later, and went to join everyone for some beer. So thirsty. Plus I haven't bought decaf yet, so I drank leaded during the show. Wound up and thirsty. And we're busy not being busy, when the guy from the kavárna appears with all of my dishes, all washed, all dry. But I didn't mean for you to do that, I was going to come back and wash them. I know, but we re-thought about it.

How cool is that?

House count 26.

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  1. Sounds like a brilliant start!! You would have nothing to write about if it was all smooth sailing.