Prague + Blog = Blague

So far today I've found the space, bought a SIM card for a local phone, and groceries so that I can do a test run of a batch of cheesecakes this afternoon.

I should be out at Silvie's right now to look at her steamer trunk, but jet lag just started kicking my ass about 15 minutes ago and I'm feeling on the dead side.

The space. The coffeeshop (kavárna) at Divadlo na Prádle. It has stairs. The performance "space" is a couple of platforms, 2m x 4m I'd guess. There's a flight of 4-5 stairs going from the dressing room area down to the main floor where the performance space is. If Silvie's trunk is too heavy for me to lift on my own, with all of my props and such inside, it'll be time for plan C.

I love a good contingency plan. Not sure what the plan is, it's more of a hypothetical love than an actual one.

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